Good news at Solarcentury and SolarAid

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When the innovation team at Solarcentury told me they were shooting for a high-aesthetic solar product that could be integrated into a roof for the same price as modules bolted onto a roof, I didn’t think they could do it. Yesterday we launched the world-first outcome of their passionate work, Sunstation, at the Tate Modern. And my misplaced pessimism stands as an example of the mass underestimation of solar that hindsight is revealing in many places around the world these days.

We hope Sunstation will become a standard bearer on the front lines of the great global energy transition that is unfolding. It is currently on... read more...

An open letter to solar companies: Beware alliance with the gas (and oil) industry


This blog is an extended version of my latest column in Recharge magazine

Oil & gas companies are professing that the natural-gas and solar industries should be partners, working together supposedly to mutual benefit. It is a strategy that should be avoided by all solar companies able to do so – which is to say all those not owned by oil & gas companies – as long as the oil and gas industry pursues its current goal of growing gas use for decades to come.

There are two main reasons: emissions arithmetic and methane leakage.

The COP21 Paris Agreement on climate...

Jeremy Leggett

Writer, social entrepreneur, founder of Solarcentury and SolarAid, Chair of Carbon Tracker, climate-and-energy activist, historian, futurist, and investor.

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Latest comments on the Winning of the Carbon War

  • Roger BoothWhat a tour de force! It felt as if I was with you on the journey! As a Shell pensioner with, hopefully, many more years of retirement I would like to suggest to the Trustees of the various Shell Pension Funds ...
  • Jonathan SLooking forward to the finale. I read your book in 2015 and found it inspirational. I've now decided to make the transition from Geoscientist at an Oil and Gas Major to solar, and am currently working towards a...

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State of The Transition, April 2016: Unfolding like the plot of an epic novel


A Saudi Prince talks of his nation’s “dangerous addiction” to oil, and sets out a plan to kick dependency within just a few years. A Bloomberg guru talks of renewables “crushing” fossil fuels around the world. Arguably the most successful entrepreneur ever turns the unveiling of an electric car not due to be delivered for 18 months into the most successful product launch... read more...

A view of the renewables revolution in numbers

Dollars funnel.

$5.3 billion – sum that one pension fund, the New York State Common Retirement Fund, could have made by divesting from fossil fuels 3 years ago

$10 billionvalue of pre-orders for Tesla Model 3 (as of 3 April)

$37 billion – fines paid by 4 banks for “serious misconduct” during the financial crisis

$321...

Solar energy in Saudi Arabia: opportunity became inevitable

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Context note: Saudi Arabia’s national finance daily, Al_Eqtissadaih, recently invited me to write an op-ed on Saudi Arabia’s solar opportunities. They published it the day after the Saudi government announced a plan to set up a two trillion dollar investment fund for the post-oil era, and gave it the title: “Solar energy in Saudi Arabia: opportunity became inevitable.”

In...

State of The Transition, March: Falling global carbon emissions from energy, and much this month to encourage those who hope for more such


The great global energy transition is accelerating. Who could have imagined a few years ago that global carbon emissions would stall in 2015, spurred by a rise in renewable energy? Or that the Saudi government would announce a $2 trillion investment fund to wean their nation off oil within just 20 years? Or that an electric vehicle costing $35,000 would attract over 100,000 pre-orders some 20 months... read more...

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The chronicle which accompanies The Winning of The Carbon War

Act de Triumph

Paris - Triumph

On Saturday December 12th, 2015, I witnessed something that nothing else in human history comes close to, in terms of scale and stakes. Most of the nations on Earth, 195 of them, adopted the world’s first universal agreement to fight an existential threat to civilisation and indeed life, as we know it, on the planet.
Going into the Paris Climate Summit, there were three possible outcome... read more...

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The Paris Climate Summit begins. The world watches. And my Chronology of the Carbon War, charting the years running up to this unique event in human history, closes. But for one more entry.

Paris - atmosphere over

With this image of the atmosphere over Paris at night, this is the penultimate entry in my Chronology of the Carbon War. The last one will be made after the summit ends, with its outcome hopefully clear. The drama that will no doubt unfold in the next two weeks I will describe in the last few chapters of The Winning of the Carbon War, to be published as a free-download e-book in the first week... read more...

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LSE lecture

The winning of the Carbon War The talk at the book launch. View the video (goes with the LSE presentation)… Read-moreScreen Shot 2015-03-27 at 14.38.37

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