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50 years of Soviet solar research for sale for not much. “Someone with a modestly open checkbook towards Tashkent, as opposed to the costs of replicating the research, could acquire bargain basement unique insights into nearly fifty years of solar energy research from the first nation to launch a man into space.” Well worth a punt, this oil-focussed website opines.… Read-more
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$120 oil by year end becomes the biggest bet on NYMEX.

Traders are betting that growth in emerging markets will contervail EU debt and the deadlocked politicians who threaten the US economy.… Read-more
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MPs tell Big 6 energy companies to stop mis-selling and compensate victims.

The Commons energy select committee wants to see voluntary reparations to consumers who have been sold needlessly high tariffs on the doorstep as a result of what they call “Del Boy” tactics. Ofgem’s investigations of four of the Big 6 are ongoing.… Read-more
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City pressures Centrica to abandon plans for nuclear power.

Investors are spooked by the delays and cost over-runs at Flammanville. One analyst says Centrica should not touch their intended UK joint venture building nuclear plants with EDF “with a barge pole”.… Read-more
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Traders exploit the big spread between Brent and WTI oil.

Shares of small US mid-continent oil refiners have risen. They are able to refine the lower cost WTI oil.… Read-more
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EDF’s Flammanville delay puts the end nuclear electricity price up 33-45%

So Dr Jim Watson of SPRU calculates for the Guardian. The assumptions, beyond the new cost estimate: a lifetime (the number of years to pay off the capital) of 20 years, a high load factor (the percentage of the time the station will operate) of 85%, a discount rate… Read-more
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Consumer groups call for a 3 month ban on doorstep selling by Big 6 energy groups.

Nine out ten consumers who switched accounts as a result of doorstep sales say they would never do so again. Half said they were pressured.… Read-more
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Indonesian coal boom massively enrichs the country’s elite.

The number of Indonesian billionaires doubled last year to more than 20 – almost all of them commodities tycoons, the FT reports. Extractive industries – mainly coal, oil and gas – are now about a third of Indonesia’s economy. Tax income from coal mining will reach $7bn in 2011.… Read-more
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Extreme heat in 30 US states as dozens of cities break temperature records.

The National Weather Service reports 55 record highs on Wednesday: more than 1% of all temperature records in the country.… Read-more
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Mayor Bloomberg donates $50m to campaign to eliminate coal power plants.

The Sierra Club is the beneficiary and will use the money in its Beyond Coal campaign, which has helped block the construction of 153 new coal-fired power plants across the States since 2002. The campaign will expand from 15 to 45 states, plus the District of Columbia. The aim will… Read-more
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