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Belgium latest to quit the nuclear, conditionally.

Belgium announces a conditional agreement to shut down the country’s two remaining nuclear power stations, owned by GDF Suez unit Electrabel: a complete exit by 2025 conditional on finding enough energy from alternative sources to prevent shortages.… Read-more
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DECC announces £1bn support for 1,000 jobs at two Big 6 power plants.

On the day it announces cuts to tariffs that will cut thousands of jobs. Sky News has the bill at nearly £1bn for the power-plants.… Read-more
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UK solar feed-in tariff halving by December confirmed.

DECC confirms the earlier leak they had described as inaccurate, with the cuts to come in by December 12th not 8th. Solar firms say they will have to begin lay offs immediately.… Read-more
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Analysts: US oil production could exceed Saudi and Russia within a decade.

A long FT report examines the oul boom in the US. Combined US and Canadian production is forecast to rise from c 9 mbd now to >11 by 2040. Edward Morse, global head of commodities research at Citigroup, professes that the US can cut imports from about 10m barrels per… Read-more
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Middle America supports the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Edward Luce writes in the FT that the wide support may be akin to the birth of the Tea Party. A poll suggests 59% agree to the OWS, among which a third identify themselves as Republicans. Even more back a 5% surcharge on millionaires. It seems that there are objections… Read-more
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Solar industry plans a march on Downing Street.

Business Green: “Writing to climate minister Greg Barker on Twitter, founder of Solarcentury Jeremy Leggett said that the apparent plan to impose changes to feed-in tariffs from as early as December 8 would spark a crisis for the industry. “Halving is bad enough, December is a killer. Thousands will… Read-more
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UK solar FiT debacle as EST prematurely posts a briefing note on the halving of tariffs.

The tariff will be 21p, the EST document says, and will come into effect from 8 December. EST isn’t the only one to jump the gun. A DECC official tells Brighton Energy Co-op the 8 Dec date before phoning back to say “that was confidential.”… Read-more
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Vested interests are clouding the prospects for cleatech.

$243 bn poured into clean energy last year, up 30% on 2009, Sarah Murray writes in the FT. But of the top 100 global cleatech companies, some 42% of last year’s dropped out.… Read-more
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“Patience is a virtue in hunt for game-changing ‘green google'”: FT.

The reasons include entrenched defence by vested interests. UBS recently: value of publically traded cleantech companies down to $142bn from $475bn in 2007. VCs are taking flight from early stage funding, favouring low capital-cost plays like energy efficiency. In the last quarter investments in energy storage outpaced solar for the… Read-more
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WWF report: UK can be 60-90% powered by renewables by 2030:

The report is based on modelling by GL Garrad Hassan and shows that it is perfectly feasible for renewables to deliver at least 60% and up to 90% of the UK’s electricity demand by 2030, obviating new nuclear power.  By reducing demand for energy we can reduce the costs of… Read-more
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