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“The coming US-China solar war”: Time.

Time: “If you’re buying solar panels or running a business installing them, life is good, but if you own a company that actually makes solar equipment in the U.S., you’re looking at a lot of red ink. That’s because solar

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Fred Goodwin, former RBS CEO, to be stripped of knighthood.

In this effort to defuse public anger, he joins Soviet spy posing as Cambridge academic Anthony Blunt.

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Dismay as Spain freezes all support for new renewables projects.

Arguing the strictures of austerity, the Spanish government calls a moratorium, end date to be announced. Spain’s wind energy association says the moratorium “puts at risk a sector which is a world leader that exports goods and services of more

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Solar now cheaper than diesel in India making Mittal, Coca-cola and others believers.

Bloomberg: “India is producing power from solar cells more cheaply than by burning diesel for the first time, spurring billionaire Sunil Mittal and Coca-Cola Co. (KO)’s mango supplier to jettison the fuel in favor of photovoltaic panels. The cost of

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UK government loses appeal on illegality of DECC’s solar feed-in tariff cuts.

Three more judges rule, in the Appeal Court that the government’s proposal to cut tariffs from 12 December was illegal. Business Green: “Jeremy Leggett, chairman of Solarcentury, said the news was a positive outcome for the entire renewable energy industry:

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“The carbon bubble will burst – we must be prepared this time”.

Business Green: “This is really important. No matter where you stand in the green debate, the threat posed by the systemic over valuation of carbon intensive firms and assets is a critical issue that should concern you – really, really

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Areva says private investigator was hired, as ex boss goes legal.

FT:  “A senior director at Areva, France’s state-owned nuclear champion, has confirmed that he did hire a Swiss intelligence firm to examine its disastrous €1.8bn purchase of a uranium miner but denied that it was part of a plot against

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FT: “Radiant outlook for energy sector” …meaning gas.

The S&P 500 is having its best start since 1987, especially in energy stocks, after a disappointing 2011, wherein when the single worst-performing share was First Solar A short on the shares was the most profitable position in 2011 for

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“‘Atomic Anne’ leaves Areva under a cloud”: FT.

FT: “Areva’s former chief executive made the startling claim on Monday that, during her 10-year spell in charge of the company, her erstwhile colleagues had arranged for her to be “attacked, slandered and spied on”. Areva declines to comment on

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Investors ask BoE to probe risk that fossil-fuel reserves pose “sub-prime” risk.

Fossil fuel reserves listed in the City of London are “sub-prime” assets posing a systemic risk to economic stability. So warns a high-profile coalition of investors, politicians and scientists , writing an open letter to Sir Mervyn King asking him

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