Head of SolarWorld accuses energy companies of destroying solar.

April 16, 2012 Clean Energy, Coal, Gas, Nuclear 

Frank Asbeck interview reported in PV magazine: “The global competitive struggle is murderous – it’s not a German phenomenon …They’re trying to destroy us. Our opponents want to put a stop to solar energy before it is too late.” “He accuses the German federal government of having succumbed once again to the energy lobby composed of the companies RWE, Eon, EnBW and Vattenfall. “They want to block the new uncontrollable competition: The share of renewable energies in Germany is nearly 20 percent. As for solar PV reducing electricity prices: “The companies don’t have an answer to that. They actually want us to be strangled. The castles of robber barons aren’t taken that easily. And that makes me furious. ….With stoic insolence the energy companies claim that sharply higher electricity rates are only because of renewable energies. That is simply a lie. The price of electricity for photovoltaics has risen by approximately two cents in recent years. We are not responsible for anything more than that.”


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