Clean energy co-ops being formed in Germany one every two days.

European Energy Review: When Germany’s environment minister Peter Altmaier addressed the first-ever congress of energy cooperatives in Berlin on November 19, he knew he was looking out over one of the Energiewende’s core constituencies.”“…Locally based co-ops have become hugely popular in recent years, their numbers tripling in size since 2010 to over 600. Every second day a new clean energy co-op is formed in Germany. Moreover, this tradition-imbued model is now entering a new phase, becoming professionalised as they grow in size, enter into onshore wind power production, and find adherents in big cities, including Berlin.”

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Appropriate civilization includes environmental balance, sustainable capitalism, empathic societies, racial and religious harmony, poverty alleviation at home and abroad, common security, and use of tech for social good.

New despotism includes environmental sabotage, reckless capitalism, isolationist nationalism, incitement to racial and religious hatred, retreat from aid, war mongering, and the use of tech for social harm.

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