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History and future of the global energy transition – an update

180215 JL & Christiana on screen at Solarplaza One minute video of extracts from talk at Solarplaza on 15th February (thanks to FMO Development Bank). See also extended version of powerpoint.… Read-more
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History and future of the global energy transition 2016 – 2017 in pictures and charts

Screenshot 2018-02-15 06.29.53 This presentation, to accompany the publication of the updated edition of The Winning of The Carbon War, is easily downloadable on Slideshare here. Or as powerpoints, in 3 parts: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 The powerpoint slides contain source urls in the notes. The book does… Read-more
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The current crop of oil and gas company investments and acquisitions in clean energy: a quick Q & A

bp-beyond-petroleum-solar-photo Picture: BP advertising, 2000. Q: Are they actually committed to diversifying beyond oil and gas this time, or is this just a fresh round of greenwash? A: All this is beyond greenwash, but far short of retreat consistent with the Paris Agreement – the oil and gas companies and are… Read-more
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Lloyd’s of London divests from coal 25 years after first being advised to. What financial damage to their business has the delay entailed?

Screenshot 2018-01-23 11.52.15 In a report entitled “Climate Change and The Insurance Industry”, the world’s largest insurance market was advised as follows in February 1993: “It would behove the industry to look very closely at where all capital is invested. Fossil-fuel-related operations should be eschewed, and solar energy and energy-efficiency projects favoured.” I… Read-more
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My hopes for the great global energy transition, and thoughts on the UK state of play: Interview for Impact4All

Screenshot 2018-01-14 08.52.27 Q: How do you feel about the developments at the One Planet Summit in Paris? Was it enough? It wasn’t enough to hit the ultimate Paris Agreement targets, but enough to keep those targets in play. I very much enjoyed the flurry of financial-sector announcements at the summit. If the… Read-more
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Rogue US can’t derail Bonn agenda as leaders keep the faith

Screenshot 2017-11-21 17.03.00 The US was a marginal presence at a COP23 summit that kept the wind in the sails of global climate action, writes Jeremy Leggett in Recharge Magazine. Busy executives in companies producing and using renewable energy may be wondering what to make of the increasingly detailed negotiations at the latest… Read-more
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Explaining Solarcentury’s move this week, and a presentation on solar civilisation and the emerging threats to democracy

Screenshot 2017-11-04 11.17.35 Photo: Solarcentury CEO Frans van den Heuvel Solarcentury entered a long-term strategic partnership with Germany’s number one solar park builder, Capital Stage, this week. Together we intend to capitalise and execute 1.1 GW of a 2.5 GW Solarcentury project pipeline, in 5 countries, an undertaking requiring capital of £0.8 billion… Read-more
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The conundrum deepens – big solar deployment rises yet faster, small solar falls still further: chapter 4 of The Test

Screenshot 2017-10-31 15.22.29 Paramount Pictures, West London, 16th August 2017 A private screening of Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Sequel. We are ten years on from the release of his original blockbuster, An Inconvenient Truth. The new film tells the story of that decade, and the race against time that it represents for… Read-more
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Tracking the demise of the fossil fuel industries: 21 September 2017

demise-fossil-fuels Presentation to the Springtij sustainability festival, Netherlands Comments on Twitter: Christiana Figueres: Thanks @JeremyLeggett for excellent picture book of demise of fossil fuels. And accelerating! Jonathon Rowson: A fabulous pictorial representation of the key moments, facts and decisions in our necessary energy transition …this visual and data rich narrative represents… Read-more
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A view under the bonnet: chapter 3 of The Test.

Cambridge, UK, 31st July 2017 I land at Heathrow, take a train into London and then another to Cambridge. I have occasional sessional teaching duties at the University, with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). CISL is widely known for running HRH The Prince of Wales’s Business & Sustainability… Read-more
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Appropriate civilization includes environmental balance, sustainable capitalism, empathic societies, racial and religious harmony, poverty alleviation at home and abroad, common security, and use of tech for social good.

New despotism includes environmental sabotage, reckless capitalism, isolationist nationalism, incitement to racial and religious hatred, retreat from aid, war mongering, and the use of tech for social harm.

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