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Summary and update of The Winning of The Carbon War, Amsterdam, 8 June 2016

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IEEE PVSC presentation: Solar PV’s pivotal role in the great global energy

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 18.03.28 IEEE PVSC presentation: Solar PV’s pivotal role in the great global energy transitionRead-more
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Guardian – Why I pledged to give my degree back if Oxford voted against fossil fuel divestment

“What I remember most about the image from my graduation ceremony was the pride shining from my mother’s face as she stood beside me. She and my dad had sacrificed a lot for this day to happen. Now her beloved son had a doctorate of philosophy from Oxford University. My… Read-more
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PVTech – Open letter to solar industry leaders

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 15.01.12 “The world is in the early stages of an economic transition that will amount to total system change in energy in the years ahead. An emerging retreat from fossil fuels seems set to become a rout, because of three emerging megatrends. Simply stated, the energy incumbency’s costs are generally rising,… Read-more
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Recharge – The triple whammy giving oil executives sleepless nights

“Picture yourself as a Big Energy chief executive, surveying three megatrends. The first is your soaring cost base and the growing dissatisfaction of your investors about it. The second is the plunging cost base of your clean-energy competition and the increasing bullishness of analysts about that. The third is the… Read-more
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Appropriate civilization includes environmental balance, sustainable capitalism, empathic societies, racial and religious harmony, poverty alleviation at home and abroad, common security, and use of tech for social good.

New despotism includes environmental sabotage, reckless capitalism, isolationist nationalism, incitement to racial and religious hatred, retreat from aid, war mongering, and the use of tech for social harm.

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