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G20 climate risk report is a wake-up call for fossil-fuel investors

My latest for Recharge: It is rare for a report to hold the potential to change the world, but one study published last month may do just that. The Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD — a group of experts assembled by the G20’s Financial Read-more
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Thoughts on significance of Solar Impulse as it finishes epic round-the-world trip

Screenshot 2016-07-26 16.57.27 My interview on BBC World Service Newshour: the heroism of the adventurer pilots, Bertrand Picard and Andre Borschberg, and the feeling on the ground of what their beautiful story means – at least for many in the clean energy industries. Listen to the interview  … Read-more
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Act de Triumph

On Saturday December 12th, 2015, I witnessed something that nothing else in human history comes close to, in terms of scale and stakes. Every independent nation on Earth, 195 of them, adopted the world’s first universal agreement to fight an existential threat to civilisation and indeed life, as we know… Read-more
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The Paris Climate Summit begins. The world watches. And my Chronology of the Carbon War, charting the years running up to this unique event in human history, closes. But for one more entry.

This is the penultimate entry in my Chronology of the Carbon War. The last one will be made after the summit ends, with its outcome hopefully clear. The drama that will no doubt unfold in the next two weeks I will describe in the last few chapters of The Winning… Read-more
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Unilever pledges 100% renewables, most UK cities pledge zero carbon, non-OECD clean-energy investment exceeds OECD for first time, India opposes fossil fuel phase-out by 2100: Week 47, 2015

Unilever sets 2030 ‘carbon positive’ goal in shift to 100% renewables. They will generate more than they need for global operations and export to the grid. Prince Charles plan to expose climate polluters in Commonwealth to big-money legal action. This if they fail to accurately disclose their impact on climate… Read-more
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Climate health warnings on fuel pumps, Alberta caps tar sands, Statoil pulls out of Arctic, OECD kills coal export subsidies, Enel bets hard on renewables, UK dashes for gas: Week 45, 2015

Alberta announces ground breaking climate agreement. Including a coal phase out by 2030, a renewable portfolio standard of 30%, a cap on emissions from tar sands, and a carbon tax. 21.11.15. Fuel pumps to get cigarette packet-style climate change warnings in North Vancouver. The first city in the world… Read-more
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Saudi Arabia becomes last G20 government to submit climate pledge, Pope’s message is shifting US opinion on climate, terrorists strike in Paris: Week 45, 2015

14.11.15. DECC, a small Whitehall department, loses 1 in 8 jobs. Amber Rudd links action to subsidies, saying “subsidy should be temporary, not part of a permanent business model.” 13.11.15. Terrorists assault Paris in multiple gun and bomb attacks. Speculation soon quoshed that the tragedy means deferral of the climate… Read-more
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Obama rejects tar sands pipeline, Exxon under investigating for lying about climate risk, Exxon did lie says presidential hopeful, Peabody forced to disclose climate risk to investors: Week 44, 2015

NY Attorney General forces Peabody Energy to disclose more on climate risk. Two year investigation finds that Peabody has not been forthright with investors. 7.11.15. “Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline and hails US as leader on climate change.” Obama says: “Frankly, approving that project would have undercut that global… Read-more
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Pre-ordering The Winning of The Carbon War means helping SolarAid

Dear website visitors I am in the Bay Area talking to clean-energy companies, investors, regulators, foundations and NGOs. While I have been out here, the pace of the unfolding climate-and-energy drama has been at its fastest yet: *   “Fossil fuel companies risk plague of ‘asbestos’ lawsuits as tide turns on… Read-more
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“Paris climate deal to ignite a $90 trillion energy revolution”, “The world is ready for change,” “Fossil fuel companies risk plague of ‘asbestos’ lawsuits as tide turns on climate change.” : Week 43, 2015

140514 Sustainable_Biz_Awards_Communicating sustainability_innovation_Carbon_Tracker UK spends £2.2bn supporting coal in developing countries, and £1 bn on clear energy. So says a report by ODI and CAFOD. 30.10.15. Paris climate summit: “The world is ready for change.” So says Christiana Figueres. “We should remember that international negotiations don’t cause change, they mark it.” Profits dive… Read-more
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