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2018 Q1: An eclectic chronology in pictures and charts of developments in climate, energy, tech and the future of civilisation

Things are moving so fast. Most of us are so busy. This slide show offers one person's precis-for-the-busy of the first three months of 2018 in the related dramas of climate change, energy transition, big tech and the future of civilisation. I hope it is useful. Powerpoint versions, with source urls as notes: January, February, March.
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The oil industry and the global energy transition: presentation to Big Oil shareholders

On February 21st shareholder activist group Follow This partnered with Principles for Responsible Investment and Share Action to hold a seminar for investors in the City of London entitled 'How can investors help oil majors to commit to Paris'. The presentations and discussion were off the record, but I am happy to make my presentation public. A slightly extended version can be found in read-only format on slideshare, and in its powerpoint original version, with source urls as notes, here.
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History and future of the global energy transition 2016 – 2017 in pictures and charts

This presentation, to accompany the publication of the updated edition of The Winning of The Carbon War, is easily downloadable on Slideshare here. Or as powerpoints, in 3 parts: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 The powerpoint slides contain source urls in the notes. The book does not have embedded urls, so hopefully this is a useful additional resource. Please feel free to use the powerpoint anyway you see fit, if you wish. You can extract whatever slides you like, and edit your way. My main rationale in all this is to help get the message out for those of us worried about climate change.
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Tracking the demise of the fossil fuel industries: 21 September 2017

Presentation to the Springtij sustainability festival, Netherlands Comments on Twitter: Christiana Figueres: Thanks @JeremyLeggett for excellent picture book of demise of fossil fuels. And accelerating! Jonathon Rowson: A fabulous pictorial representation of the key moments, facts and decisions in our necessary energy transition ...this visual and data rich narrative represents an epic, majestic and inspiring piece of work by @JeremyLeggett Mike Barry: indeed - another great 100 slides from @JeremyLeggett on inevitable shift to #lowcarbon future Download the full PDF presentation (6MB).
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IEEE PVSC presentation: Solar PV’s pivotal role in the great global energy

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LSE lecture – The winning of the Carbon War

The presentation that accompanies the video shot at the book launch.
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