Idea of US gas exports saving EU from dependency on Russia is “nonsense”.

April 10, 2014 Gas 

FT: “The head of Cheniere Energy, which is due to become the US’s first new natural gas exporter next year, said the ability of US energy to save Europe from its dependence on Russian supplies had been overstated.”
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Nafeez Ahmed reviews Energy of Nations, Part 2: “Could he be right?”

Nafeez Ahmed in the Guardian: “In The Energy of Nations: Risk Blindness and the Road to Renaissance, Dr Jeremy Leggett – a former oil geologist and government adviser on renewable energy – warns of the risk of an imminent global oil crash as early as next year, and no later than 2020. In my first post on Leggett’s new book, I focused on his analysis of our “risk blindness.” But despite his trenchant and uncompromising stance on the potentially catastrophic consequences of business as usual, Leggett is no doomer.”
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“Global solar dominance in sight as science trumps fossil fuels.”

April 9, 2014 Clean Energy 

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph: “Solar power has won the global argument. Photovoltaic energy is already so cheap that it competes with oil, diesel and liquefied natural gas in much of Asia without subsidies.”
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Crowdfunding seen topping $5 bn for rooftop solar within 5 years.

Bloomberg: “Crowdfunding may supply the rooftop solar projects with $5 billion of investment within five years, more than 50 times the amount raised to date.”
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BT, Shell and other corporates call for trillion tonne carbon cap.

April 8, 2014 Climate, Coal, Gas, Oil 

Guardian: “Unilever, Shell, BT, and EDF Energy are among 70 leading companies today calling on governments across the globe to step up efforts to tackle climate change.”
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Is coal really on the rise in Europe? A dead cat bounce, more like.

April 7, 2014 Climate, Coal, Commentaries, Finance 

Jeremy Leggett on Thomson Reuters: “For the fossil fuel boosters and the climate deniers, it’s a delicious irony. Despite the EU’s much-vaunted climate leadership, its use of coal to generate power has apparently been on the rise.”
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Giant Kashagan oilfield could be out of production for two years.

Mark Lewis, Kepler Cheuvreux, e-newsflash reproduced with permission (no url): “It has been reported by Quartz overnight that the super-giant  Kashagan oilfield in the northern Caspian sea “will be out of production for at least two years”. The shutdown has been necessitated by leaks of toxic gas from a pipeline, with Quartz reporting that two new pipelines will now be required to replace the two existing oil and gas pipelines.”
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“Energy complaints reach highest level ever recorded.”

April 7, 2014 Coal, Gas, Oil 

Guardian: “Energy complaints in the first quarter of 2014 more than tripled compared to the same period last year to their highest level ever recorded, the energy sector’s ombudsman said on Monday.”
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Renewable energy investment fell for second year running in 2013.

April 7, 2014 Clean Energy, Finance 

UNEP: “According to Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2014 ….the investment drop of $US35.1 billion was partly due to the falling cost of solar photovoltaic systems. The other main cause was policy uncertainty in many countries, an issue that also depressed investment in fossil fuel generation in 2013.”
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ex Barclays boss Diamond escapes court appearance over LIBOR rigging.

April 7, 2014 Finance 

Guardian: “Barclays has settled a £70m Libor court case that will spare its former boss Bob Diamond and other senior colleagues from testifying in a lawsuit that the bank had been vigorously defending.”
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Fears of new gas war as Ukraine refuses to pay Gazprom for price hike.

April 6, 2014 Gas 

Guardian: “The prospect of a new gas war between Russia and Ukraine drew closer at the weekend as the government in Kiev said it would refuse to pay for gas at a new, inflated price set by Gazprom last week. The dispute comes as tensions in eastern Ukraine remain high, with pro-Russian protesters in two cities storming government buildings on Sunday.”
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“Five signs the global economic recovery may be an illusion”: Elliot latest.

April 6, 2014 Finance 

Larry Elliot in the Guardian: “The global economy seemed to be on the mend when the International Monetary Fund met for its spring meeting in Washington 10 years ago.Alan Greenspan had cut official interest rates in the US to 1% after the collapse of the dotcom boom and the world’s biggest economy had responded to the treatment.” Read more

“Prepare now for fossil-free future”: Aberdeen Asset Management in FT.

April 6, 2014 Climate, Coal, Finance, Oil 

Craig MacKenzie in the FT: “….One of the most striking things about the fossil divestment campaign is that it is not content merely to make a moral case, it also claims that divestment makes sense from a financial perspective: to avoid a growing “carbon bubble” that might pop soon.”
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“Britain is paying dearly for neglecting its nuclear waste”: Economist.

April 5, 2014 Nuclear 

Economist: “Swillingaround murky ponds in the oldest part of Sellafield, a nuclear research and reprocessing centre in Cumbria, is a soupy, radioactive sludge. For years boffins working on Britain’s first military and civil nuclear programmes abandoned spent fuel and other nastiness into the pools and tanks, which now grow decrepit.” Read more

Frackers to drill on old munitions site in UK.

April 4, 2014 Coal, Gas, Oil 

Guardian: “A leading fracking firm is to start drilling on the former site of a huge explosive factory, in a decision described as “beyond comprehension” by the local MP.”
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UK Conservative party plans to ban onshore wind farms, maybe dismantle.

April 4, 2014 Clean Energy 

Guardian: “The Conservative party is planning to pledge in its manifesto for next year’s general election that it will introduce a moratorium on future onshore windfarms from 2020 on the grounds that they have now become “self-defeating”.”
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Damning US Coastguard report on Shell Arctic rig grounding.

April 4, 2014 Oil 

Guardian: “Shell has been accused by the US Coast Guard of ignoring safety warnings and moving one of its drill ships in the US Arctic, partly in a bid to avoid paying extra taxes.”
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Record UK air pollution causes spike in 999 ambulance calls.

April 3, 2014 Climate 

Guardian: “Ambulance services are reporting a spike in 999 calls thought to be related to the record levels of air pollution lingering over large parts of Britain as experts warned that conditions would not improve until the weekend.”
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UK government publishes strategy targeting solar rooftop generation.

April 3, 2014 Clean Energy 

Solar Trade Association: “The UK Government has today published the first dedicated Solar Strategy of any EU Government. The Strategy seeks to strengthen the UK’s position in the booming global solar market, which is estimated at a massive ~46GW in 2014 by Deutsche Bank – a 50% increase on total installed global capacity.”
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“No fool like an old fuel”: latest Leggett column in Recharge.

April 3, 2014 Clean Energy, Climate, Coal, Finance, Gas, Oil 
Recharge magazine: “Shell’s 2013 annual report includes an interesting statement about the company’s potential death. “Over time, we expect that a growing share of our CO2 emissions will be subject to regulation and result in increasing our costs,” it reads.”
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