“Energy system collapse is inevitable. But”. Interview with Solarplaza.

www.solarplaza.com: “In light of his newest book ‘The Energy of Nations’, Solarplaza catches up with Jeremy Leggett, the leading British solar entrepreneur and environmental well-doer who’s been a regular guest speaker at our PV events.”
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Low C policies to add 41% to UK energy bills by 2030: DECC.

October 14, 2013 Clean Energy, Coal, Gas, Nuclear 

FT: “Green policies will add 41 per cent to electricity prices by 2030 – according to the energy department’s own forecasts. Policies to promote low-carbon energy include a guaranteed “strike price”, expected to be announced within days, to support EDF’s proposed new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset – at double the market price.” Read more

Dan Yergin on the crucial importance of US tight oil in global supply.

October 14, 2013 Gas, Oil 

WSJ: “Forty years ago, on Oct. 17, 1973, the world experienced its first “oil shock” as Arab exporters declared an embargo on shipments to Western countries. …A lasting lesson of the crisis years is the power of markets and their ability to adjust to disruptions, if government allows them to.” Read more

“World shivers with fear as US heads for new debt crisis.”

October 13, 2013 Finance 

Guardian: “Without a budget in place, the US government has run out of the cash needed to pay thousands of government workers in Washington and keep national parks open. But this week an even more critical issue comes to the fore. On Thursday, the country could be forced to default on its borrowings if it does not secure a rise in the $16.7 trillion debt ceiling.”

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Conventional energy industry heading for global crash: JL at WEC.

Commodities Now: “Much of Big Energy is guilty of an enculturated risk blindness that, unless action is taken, will lead to an inevitable global crash according to Jeremy Leggett.  As the World Energy Congress opens in South Korea, the man described as “Britain’s most respected green energy boss” writes of wider risk-taking in energy – and financial markets, as he has seen it play out – often behind closed doors – since the oil price began its inexorable rise in 2004.”  Read more

One of five Swedish state pension funds pulls out of carbon investment.

top1000funds.com: “The $38-billion Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund, AP4, one of a group of five state-owned pension funds, plans to invest in a tailored emerging markets fund comprising companies that have both low-carbon emissions and low fossil-fuel reserves.” Read more

Ten EU utilities call openly for an end to renewables subsidies.

October 11, 2013 Clean Energy, Coal, Gas, Nuclear 

Euractiv.com: “The group – which includes top utilities such as France’s GDF Suez, Germany’s E.ON, Spain’s Iberdrola and Italy’s Enel – has made an impact, as several countries, including Spain, Germany and France, have reviewed or are reviewing support schemes for renewable energy.” Read more

France’s constitutional court upholds fracking ban.

October 11, 2013 Gas, Oil 

Guardian: France’s constitutional court has upheld a ban on hydraulic fracturing, ruling that the law against the energy exploration technique known as “fracking” is a valid means of protecting the environment.” Read more

Analysis of SSE’s price rise shows their blaming “green taxes” is wrong.

October 10, 2013 Clean Energy, Coal, Gas, Nuclear 

Damian Carrington in the Guardian: “The overwhelming reasons for power bills soaring are that fossil fuels are getting more expensive and that two decades of underinvestment by energy companies in the UK’s now creaking energy system has left customers with a steep bill to catch up.”
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SSE blames green policies for price hike. Miliband calls Big 6 “predatory”.

October 10, 2013 Clean Energy, Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Oil 

FT: Alistair Phillips-Davies on the day SSE became the first of the big six utilities to raise gas and electricity prices, saying household tariffs would rise by an average of 8.2 per cent from November 15, says in an interview that SSE has been forced to act in part by the rising cost of green policies, such as subsidies for low-carbon power generation and the Eco energy-efficiency scheme. Read more

UK Environment Agency banned a fracking chemical at Balcombe.

October 10, 2013 Gas, Oil 

Guardian: “The UK’s fracking pioneer Cuadrilla was prevented by the Environment Agency from using a hazardous chemical at its drilling site in Sussex, local residents have been told. But permission was granted for another chemical despite concerns over its safety.” Banned: antimony trioxide. Allowed: oxirane. Known as an oxygen scavenger, it is used to prevent corrosion.

“U.S. shale-oil boom may not last as fracking wells lack staying power.”

Bloomberg: “Chesapeake Energy’s Serenity 1-3H well near Oklahoma City came in as a gusher in 2009, pumping more than 1,200 barrels of oil a day and kicking off a rush to drill that extended into Kansas. Now the well produces less than 100 barrels a day, state records show. Serenity’s swift decline sheds light on a dirty secret of the oil boom: It may not last.” Read more

China overtakes US as the world’s largest world oil importer.

October 9, 2013 Oil 

FT: “After decades as the world’s biggest market for the international oil trade, America is ceding that position, the US Energy Information Administration said this week. The implications for international relations and global security are profound.” Read more

Battery-stored solar power sparks backlash from US utilities.

October 8, 2013 Clean Energy 

Bloomberg: “California’s three biggest utilities are sparring with their own customers about systems that store energy from the sun, opening another front in the battle that’s redefining the mission of electricity generators.” Read more

A response to US critics of Germany’s Energiewende: Mark Jacobsen.

October 7, 2013 Clean Energy 

REW.com: “In 2009, Jacobson caught people’s attention with his co-authored article A Plan To Power 100 Percent of the Planet With Renewables, which was the cover story of November’s Scientific American.” Read more

Retiring Shell CEO Voser regrets huge bet on US shale.

October 6, 2013 Gas, Oil 

FT: “Peter Voser says the failure of Royal Dutch Shell’s huge bet on US shale was a big regret of his time as chief executive of the company. ….“Unconventionals did not exactly play out as planned,” Mr Voser said. “We expected higher flow rates and therefore more scalability for a company like Shell,” he said. Read more

“America flirts with self destruction” over debt ceiling and Obamacare.

October 4, 2013 Finance 

Martin Wolf in the FT: “Is the US a functioning democracy? This week legislators decided to shut down a swath of the federal government rather than allow an enacted health law go into operation at the agreed moment.” Read more

A small band of sceptics were very effective in combatting IPCC message.

October 4, 2013 Climate 

Guardian: “Lord Lawson’s campaign group for climate change sceptics, the Global Warming Policy Foundation, has been executing a carefully co-ordinated campaign with its media and political allies to discredit and misrepresent the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,” writes Bob Ward.

US fracking annual toxic waste water enough to flood Washington DC.

October 4, 2013 Gas, Oil 
Guardian: “Growing concerns over radiation risks as report finds widespread environmental damage on an unimaginable scale in the US. Fracking in America generated 280bn US gallons of toxic waste water last year – enough to flood all of Washington DC beneath a 22ft deep toxic lagoon, a new report out on Thursday found.” Read more

US oil-and-gas production pulls ahead of Russia and Saudi Arabia.

October 4, 2013 Gas, Oil 

Guardian: “New estimates released on Friday by the Energy Information Administration showed America pulling ahead of both countries in oil and natural gas production for 2013.” Read more