State of The Transition, mid – late January: Oil oversupply, shale bankruptcies, gas leaks, and a whiff of securities fraud

Oil workers sunset

Jeremy Leggett for The Huffington Post: A Shell veteran of 35 years requests the company pension fund he depends on to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in clean energy. A geoscientist currently working for an oil and gas major quits to take qualifications in renewable energy. These are the stories the latest two commenters on my website tell. The great global energy transition will play out... read more...

State of The Transition, early – mid January: “I promise you …we will be celebrating”

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince & Hollande

Jeremy Leggett for Recharge magazine: If the pace of play in the first weeks of 2016 is anything to go by, the great global energy transition is moving fast. The bad news for fossil fuels piled up and the good news for clean energy snowballed. Much of this had nothing to do with the success of the COP21 climate summit in December, but the strong signal sent by 195 governments in Paris can only... read more...


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On behalf of the planet, thanks to everyone who made Paris possible


Jeremy Leggett for Recharge Magazine: On Saturday, 12 December 2015, I witnessed an event that nothing else in human history comes close to in terms of scale and stakes. Most of the nations on earth, 195 of them, adopted the world’s first universal agreement to fight an existential threat to civilisation and indeed life as we know it.

Going into the Paris climate...

Osborne is sabotaging the green energy we need to hit Paris targets


Jeremy Leggett for the Guardian:  One of the biggest transformative signals that 195 governments sent to energy markets via the Paris agreement at the weekend was a goal for the global warming ceiling to be set well below 2C, and as low as 1.5C if possible. The scientific advice given to governments explains why. At 2C, coastal plains and island nations are submerged, food and clean water supplies... read more...

Renewable energy is the winner as world sets sights on decarbonisation

Paris - plenary Jeremy Leggett for Recharge Magazine: The historic agreement reached in Paris mentions renewable energy only once in 31 pages of small font. It does not mention oil, gas, or coal at all. Yet there is no doubt which set of energy technologies is the winner from the world’s first universal accord on climate change.

The stated goal of the treaty is “holding the increase in the global average... read more...

Follow the money as summit enters home straight at the Paris climate summit

Coal plant and wind farms

Jeremy Leggett for Recharge Magazine:  We are half way through the summit. The heads of state and government have departed and their ministers have arrived, aiming to agree the final treaty text. There is a mood of cautious optimism in the air. Much of the media commentary around the world is reflecting this relatively upbeat assessment, at the time of writing. There is ample space, of course,... read more...

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The chronicle which accompanies The Winning of The Carbon War

Act de Triumph

Paris - Triumph

On Saturday December 12th, 2015, I witnessed something that nothing else in human history comes close to, in terms of scale and stakes. Most of the nations on Earth, 195 of them, adopted the world’s first universal agreement to fight an existential threat to civilisation and indeed life, as we know it, on the planet.
Going into the Paris Climate Summit, there were three possible outcome... read more...

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The Paris Climate Summit begins. The world watches. And my Chronology of the Carbon War, charting the years running up to this unique event in human history, closes. But for one more entry.

Paris - atmosphere over

With this image of the atmosphere over Paris at night, this is the penultimate entry in my Chronology of the Carbon War. The last one will be made after the summit ends, with its outcome hopefully clear. The drama that will no doubt unfold in the next two weeks I will describe in the last few chapters of The Winning of the Carbon War, to be published as a free-download e-book in the first week... read more...

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“They’re trying to defend 20th century technologies and business models that are ruinous for the planetary future.”

BBC Today interview, on Shell’s retreat from the Arctic and its implications.Screenshot 2015-10-04 12.58.24

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IEEE PVSC presentation: Solar PV’s pivotal role in the great global energy

IEEE PVSC presentation: Solar PV’s pivotal role in the great global energy transitionScreen Shot 2015-06-16 at 18.03.28

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LSE lecture

The winning of the Carbon War The talk at the book launch. View the video (goes with the LSE presentation)Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 14.38.37

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