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Shale narrative fizzles in China as clean energy and imports lead the way.

Bloomberg: “China has sharply cut its output target for shale, signaling the country’s drilling boom is fizzling out before it even gets going.”… Read-more
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China climate pledge would require 50,000 solar farms.

Bloomberg: China, which does nothing in small doses, will need about 1,000 nuclear reactors, 500,000 wind turbines or 50,000 solar farms as it takes up the fight against climate change.”… Read-more
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“Oil industry risks trillions of ‘stranded assets’ on US-China climate deal.”

Telegraph: “Brazil’s Petrobras is the most indebted company in the world, a perfect barometer of the crisis enveloping the global oil and fossil nexus on multiple fronts at once.”… Read-more
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Chinese media welcomes climate deal with US.

Guardian: “The US-China deal on carbon emissions received a broadly positive response in China in the media and from experts.”… Read-more
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China targets 8 GW of rooftop solar this year.

Bloomberg: ” China, the world’s biggest solar market for two years running, is pushing to install more panels at factories, schools and even greenhouses as it seeks to meet its goals under a historic climate agreement with the U.S.”… Read-more
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Republicans vow to thwart US-China climate deal.

Guardian: “Republicans promised on Wednesday to use their expanded power in Congress to undermine Barack Obama’s historic deal over carbon emissions with China on Wednesday, claiming Beijing could not be trusted to see through its side of an agreement that would ultimately damage the US economy.”… Read-more
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China & U.S. agree to limit greenhouse gases after secret negotiations.

Washington Post: “Chinese leader Xi Jinping and President Obama struck a deal Wednesday to limit greenhouse gases, with China committing for the first time to cap carbon emissions and Obama unveiling a plan for deeper U.S. emissions reductions through 2025.”… Read-more
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Putin strengthening China-Russia ties for renewable energy development. “China has encroached so strongly into Russia this year — a shift meant mainly to mollify the U.S. impact on the countries’ economic interests and the world stage — that the dominance made even prominent Russians fearful of the Asian giant.”… Read-more
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China targets 100 GW PV by 2020 and no more state support. “….let’s jump right in and look at the latest aggressive targets now being finalized by Beijing under its upcoming five-year plan for the sector between 2016 and 2020.”… Read-more
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Pollution levels hit 20 times safe limit in northern China.

Guardian: “Days of heavy smog shrouding swathes of northern China pushed pollution to more than 20 times safe levels on Friday, despite government promises to tackle environmental blight.”… Read-more
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