Lima climate talks best chance for a generation, say upbeat diplomats.

November 30, 2014 Climate 

Guardian: “UN climate negotiations opening in Lima on Monday have the best chance in a generation of striking a deal on global warming, diplomats say.”
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UN climate change deal must have legally binding targets, says EU.

November 27, 2014 Climate 

Guardian: “An international deal on global warming must have legally binding targets, Europe will argue at a UN climate summit in Peru next week.”
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Obama climate change envoy: fossil fuels will have to stay in the ground.

November 25, 2014 Climate, Coal, Gas, Oil 

Guardian: “The world’s fossil fuels will “obviously” have to stay in the ground in order to solve global warming, Barack Obama’s climate change envoy said on Monday.”
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China climate pledge would require 50,000 solar farms.

November 21, 2014 Clean Energy, Climate, Nuclear 

Bloomberg: China, which does nothing in small doses, will need about 1,000 nuclear reactors, 500,000 wind turbines or 50,000 solar farms as it takes up the fight against climate change.”
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Countries just short of $10bn target for Green Climate Fund.

November 20, 2014 Climate, Finance 

AFP: “Thirty countries meeting in Berlin on Thursday pledged $9.3bn for a fund to help developing countries cut emissions and prepare for global warming, just shy of a $10bn target.”
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Barack Obama tells G20 a global climate change deal is possible and vital.

November 15, 2014 Climate 

Guardian: “US president says every nation has a responsibility to do its part and ‘overcome old divides, look squarely at the science and reach a strong global climate agreement next year’”.
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Chinese media welcomes climate deal with US.

November 13, 2014 Climate 

Guardian: “The US-China deal on carbon emissions received a broadly positive response in China in the media and from experts.”
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Republicans vow to thwart US-China climate deal.

November 12, 2014 Climate 

Guardian: “Republicans promised on Wednesday to use their expanded power in Congress to undermine Barack Obama’s historic deal over carbon emissions with China on Wednesday, claiming Beijing could not be trusted to see through its side of an agreement that would ultimately damage the US economy.”
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China & U.S. agree to limit greenhouse gases after secret negotiations.

November 11, 2014 Climate 

Washington Post: “Chinese leader Xi Jinping and President Obama struck a deal Wednesday to limit greenhouse gases, with China committing for the first time to cap carbon emissions and Obama unveiling a plan for deeper U.S. emissions reductions through 2025.”
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Poland rejects IPCC target of zero emissions by 2100.

November 7, 2014 Climate 

Guardian: “Poland and other eastern Europe countries have categorically rejected the target put forward by the world’s top climate scientists to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2100 to avoid dangerous global warming, leaked documents show.”
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“Why two crucial pages were left out of the latest U.N. climate report.”

November 4, 2014 Climate 

Washington Post: “On Sunday, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the world’s leading authority on the science of global warming, released its latest “Synthesis Report.” And it painted a pretty dire picture.”
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“One Trillion Tonnes and $5 Trillion: Thoughts on IPCC Synthesis Report.”

November 3, 2014 Clean Energy, Climate, Coal, Finance, Gas, Oil 

Mark Lewis for Kepler Cheuvreux (no url): “….The (IPCC) Synthesis Report states that if the world is to stand a better than even chance  of limiting warming  to no more than 2°C, only about one trillion tonnes of CO2 more can be emitted from 2011 onwards (the precise amount will depend on emissions trends for other GHGs).”
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CO2 budget 1.1 tn tons, & fossil-fuel subsidies exceed reductions spend.

November 3, 2014 Clean Energy, Climate, Coal, Finance, Gas, Oil 

Bloomberg: “The world can only consume a fraction of the known deposits of fossil fuels if it’s to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change, according to the biggest assessment of the issue.”
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IPCC: cut emissions rapidly or face “severe….irreversible” impacts.

November 2, 2014 Climate, Coal, Finance, Gas, Oil 

Guardian: “Climate change is set to inflict “severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts” on people and the natural world unless carbon emissions are cut sharply and rapidly, according to the most important assessment of global warming yet published.”
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IPCC 1990 – 2014: a quarter century of The Carbon War.

October 31, 2014 Clean Energy, Climate, Coal, Commentaries, Finance, Gas, Oil 

Jeremy Leggett on the Greenpeace Energy Desk: “When the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change completed its First Assessment Report in 1990, almost a quarter of a century ago, I worked for Greenpeace as a climate campaigner.”
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EU leaders agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030.

October 24, 2014 Clean Energy, Climate, Coal, Gas, Oil 

Guardian: “European leaders have struck a broad climate change pact obliging the EU as a whole to cut greenhouse gases by at least 40% by 2030. But key aspects of the deal that will form a bargaining position for global climate talks in Paris next year were left vague or voluntary, raising questions as to how the aims would be realised.”
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Pacific Islanders blockade Australian coal port to protest rising sea levels.

October 17, 2014 Climate, Coal 

Guardian: “A group of Pacific Islanders joined an environmental protest blockading the Newcastle coal port on Friday, disrupting shipping traffic by paddling canoes across the harbour mouth.”
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US eyes mix of legally-binding & handshake deals in global climate talks.

October 17, 2014 Climate 

Guardian: “Barack Obama’s negotiating position for a global deal to fight climate change is beginning to look like a big buffet.”
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Fracking boom will not tackle global warming, analysis warns.

October 15, 2014 Climate, Gas 

Guardian: “An unrestrained global fracking boom that unleashes plentiful and cheap gas will not tackle global warming by replacing coal and cutting carbon emissions, according to a comprehensive analysis that takes into account the impact on the rest of the energy supply.”
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Environmentalists’ appeal to foundations on climate: the full case.

October 2, 2014 Clean Energy, Climate, Coal, Commentaries, Finance, Gas, Oil 
Jeremy Leggett in Recharge magazine: “Imagine two armies lining up for a make-or-break battle in a civil war. Envisage a group of financiers, worth hundreds of billions, most of whom want a certain side to win.”
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