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Saudi Arabia “Takes the Gloves Off”: moment of truth arrives for US shale.

Mark Lewis for Kepler Cheuvreux (no url): “Despite the dramatic recent fall in oil prices, OPEC decided yesterday to maintain its current production quota of 30mbd, thereby compounding market fears of a short-term supply glut and prompting a further sharp drop in the Brent and WTI benchmarks (both down 6.3%… Read-more
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“OPEC Faces Off Against Shale: Who Blinks as Price Slides Toward $70?”

Bloomberg: “OPEC’s decision to cede no ground to rival producers underscored the price war in the crude market and the challenge to U.S. shale drillers.”… Read-more
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“Market rout as oil slide rocks energy groups”: FT.

FT: “Shares in the world’s biggest energy groups have tumbled in a market rout as plunging oil prices put at risk billions of dollars of investment and jeopardised future supplies of crude.”… Read-more
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61 US shale drillers owing $199 bn should fear lessons of 1986.

Bloomberg: “The last time that U.S. oil drillers got caught up in a price war orchestrated by Saudi Arabia, it ended badly for the Americans.”… Read-more
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“Shale jubilation fades as oil price falls undercut model”: FT.

FT: ‘The revolution devours its children.’ That observation, made by French journalist Jacques Mallet du Pan in 1793, has become a commonplace of political upheavals, but it is often true of revolutions in business, too. Companies that create a new market or disrupt an existing one do not always… Read-more
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UK oil and gas industry pleads for Treasury help with low oil price.

FT: “Oil companies want George Osborne to make good his promise of tax reforms to encourage more investment in the North Sea or risk a collapse of the sector.”… Read-more
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“US oil producers can’t kick drilling habit.”

John Dizard for the FT: “You would think, what with the recent oil price crash, the people who finance US oil and gas producers would have learnt their lesson. But not yet.”… Read-more
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“Oil price slump to trigger new US debt default crisis as Opec waits.”

Telegraph: “Remember the global financial crisis, triggered six years ago when billions of dollars of dodgy loans – doled out by banks to subprime borrowers and then resold numerous times on international debt markets – began to unravel and default?”… Read-more
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IEA warns oil-price “rout” will deepen, pressure increase on OPEC, Russia.

Bloomberg: “Oil prices could slide from a four-year low in the coming months as the market enters a period of weaker demand, increasing pressure on OPEC to reduce production, the International Energy Agency said.”… Read-more
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Breathing space from non-OPEC oil output is “illusory”.

Mark Lewis for Kepler Cheuvreux (no url): “The IEA yesterday released its 2014 World Energy Outlook (WEO), the annual benchmark reference document for energy-market practitioners.”… Read-more
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