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UK government chief scientist compares fracking risk to thalidomide.

Guardian: “Fracking carries potential risks on a par with those from thalidomide, tobacco and asbestos, warns a report produced by the government’s chief scientific adviser.”… Read-more
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UK regulator introduces tough controls aiming to cut energy bills.

FT: “UK energy regulator Ofgem has outlined tough annual price controls for power distributors that it claims will cut £2.1bn from customer bills – equivalent to £11 per household – and increase compensation for extended power outages.”… Read-more
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One of three UK emergency power plants fails output test.

FT: “One of the three power stations being paid by National Grid to come online in an emergency this winter has failed a test run, heightening concerns over the reliability of Britain’s creaking, accident-prone electricity system.”… Read-more
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UK oil and gas industry pleads for Treasury help with low oil price.

FT: “Oil companies want George Osborne to make good his promise of tax reforms to encourage more investment in the North Sea or risk a collapse of the sector.”… Read-more
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BGS admits ignorance of UK fracking impact absent monitoring.

Observer: “Hundreds of government-funded boreholes are set to be drilled across Britain to try to persuade the public that a looming shale gas boom can be developed safely, the Observer has learned.”… Read-more
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Ineos to invest £640m in UK shale gas exploration.

BBC: “Chemicals giant Ineos has announced plans to invest up to £640m in shale gas exploration in the UK. The company plans to use the gas as a raw material for its chemicals plants, including Grangemouth in Stirlingshire.”… Read-more
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Areva financial crisis means Hinckley Point may never happen.

Guardian: “The future of the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant in Somerset is under a cloud amid a financial crisis at Areva, a shareholder in the project and the designer of the proposed reactors.… Read-more
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‘Solar century’ beckons as costs continue to fall – UK energy secretary.

PV Tech: The UK’s energy and climate change secretary, Ed Davey, has said he believes solar power is on course to become the cheapest form of energy.”… Read-more
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UK’s lithium-titanate battery en route to industrial-scale energy storage?

Guardian: “Across the world, efforts are underway to improve the way we store and distribute energy, as we move towards more sustainable but intermittent forms of energy generation, such as wind and solar power.”… Read-more
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Fracking “no silver bullet”, say EU science academies.

Guardian: “There are no scientific or technical grounds to ban fracking in Europe but it will not be a “silver bullet” to improve energy security or cut emissions, European science academies have said.”… Read-more
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