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“UK oil output threatened by platforms running out of juice.”

Reuters: “Britain’s oil industry is facing the threat of a cascade of North Sea rig closures, unless ageing platforms can urgently source more gas to help squeeze out the remaining barrels.”… Read-more
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UK energy dependence – five hidden costs expose truth about fracking.

Jeremy Leggett in the Guardian: “The shale boom is a bubble waiting to burst as economics of extraction falter and the trickle of bad environmental news starts to swell.”… Read-more
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Green energy co-ops blocked by UK government regulator.

Guardian: “The future of community-owned green energy projects that ministers say are crucial to break the dominance of the ‘big six’ is being put at risk by the Financial Conduct Authority, according to co-operatives and the Labour party.”… Read-more
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UK installed solar capacity now exceeds 5GW.

SolarPowerPortal: According to the latest weekly analysis by NPD Solarbuzz on UK PV market deployment, the UK’s cumulative capacity has now reached 5GW.”… Read-more
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Support for UK fracking drops to 24%, DECC survey finds.

Telegraph: “Support for fracking in the UK has fallen, with less than a quarter of the public now in favour of extracting shale gas to meet the country’s energy needs, according to official government polling.”… Read-more
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UK government ridiculed for heavily censoring fracking report.

Geoffrey Lean in the Telegraph: “The Government has just published a report on the likely effects of the drilling on Britain’s countryside communities – including its possible impact on house prices – that is so heavily redacted it might instead be devoted to a military assessment of options for… Read-more
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EDF shuts nuclear reactors in northern England due to faults.

Guardian: “Four nuclear reactors at two large power plants in the north of England are to be shut down temporarily, after inspectors discovered a fault with a boiler unit.”… Read-more
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UK fracking company wins permission to reinject waste water.

Independent on Sunday: “Environmental campaigners fear an oil company’s plan to drill for gas in one of Britain’s national parks is a stalking horse for a future bid to carry out fracking in the area.”… Read-more
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Collective energy switching auction in UK saves £232 per household.

Guardian: “Consumers who took part in the most recent council-led collective switching auction to get cheaper gas and electricity bills saved an average of £232 per household, the Local Government Assocation (LGA) has revealed.”… Read-more
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Big 6 face criminal prosecution if suspected of price fixing.

FT: “UK regulators will be given powers to prosecute anyone suspected of rigging the energy market, under proposals being put forward by the government.”… Read-more
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Appropriate civilization includes environmental balance, sustainable capitalism, empathic societies, racial and religious harmony, poverty alleviation at home and abroad, common security, and use of tech for social good.

New despotism includes environmental sabotage, reckless capitalism, isolationist nationalism, incitement to racial and religious hatred, retreat from aid, war mongering, and the use of tech for social harm.

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