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Swiss group Alevo announces $1 bn investment in battery manufacturing.

Guardian: “Could a long-vacant cigarette factory in North Carolina build the rechargeable battery that will unlock the future of the clean energy economy?”… Read-more
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Giant battery unit aims at renewable-power storage holy grail.

Bloomberg: “At a windy mountain pass on the edge of the Mojave Desert, North America’s most potent collection of batteries used for storing unused power is humming its way toward an electricity revolution.”… Read-more
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China targets 100 GW PV by 2020 and no more state support. “….let’s jump right in and look at the latest aggressive targets now being finalized by Beijing under its upcoming five-year plan for the sector between 2016 and 2020.”… Read-more
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Solar and wind cost may fall to level for coal by 2020s, study says.

Bloomberg:  “The cost of solar and onshore wind power may fall to the same level as generation from fossil fuels by the 2020s, energy consultant Poyry Oyj (POY1V) said in a report.”… Read-more
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Renewables spending on the increase after two years of decline – except EU.

Bloomberg: “About $175 billion was spent globally on renewable energy projects during the first three quarters, up 16 percent from the same period last year, with Chinese solar investment at a record, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report.”… Read-more
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“Political will is only barrier to 100% renewables.”

TheEcologist: “A report published ahead of tomorrow’s UN Climate Summit shows that we can meet all our energy needs from renewables, writes Paul Brown – poor nations and prosperous, tiny islands and great cities, in any part of the globe. And some are doing it already.”… Read-more
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“US solar and wind start to outshine gas”: FT.

FT: “Large wind farms and solar plants are now cost-competitive with gas-fired power in many parts of the US even without subsidy, according to Lazard, raising the prospect of a fundamental shift in the country’s energy market.”… Read-more
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“Sun and wind alter global landscape, leaving utilities behind.”

NYT: “Of all the developed nations, few have pushed harder than Germany to find a solution to global warming. And towering symbols of that drive are appearing in the middle of the North Sea.”… Read-more
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Renewable energy grows at fastest ever rate.

Guardian: “Wind, solar and other renewable power capacity grew at its strongest ever pace last year and now produces 22% of the world’s electricity, the International Energy Agency said on Thursday in a new report.”… Read-more
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Green energy co-ops blocked by UK government regulator.

Guardian: “The future of community-owned green energy projects that ministers say are crucial to break the dominance of the ‘big six’ is being put at risk by the Financial Conduct Authority, according to co-operatives and the Labour party.”… Read-more
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